Workshop @ Chung Ling Private

May 20th – 22nd 2014
@ Penang Chung Ling Private (Ayer Hitam)

From 20th – 22nd May 2014, Run Amok Gallery organised a a three days workshop plus exhibition at Penang Chung Ling Private High School (Ayer Hitam). This event was coordinated by Julio Lee from Arts, Culture & Heritage department of Penang State Government and carried out and facilitated by visual artists Liew Kwai Fei, Minstrel Kuik and Hoo Fan Chon.

Part of the Eating Wind exhibition was toured to the school and the aim of this programme was to provide an opportunity for students to experience the format of contemporary art in close proximity, allowing students to have close interaction with visual art practitioners and to further understand their practice as visual artist in Malaysia. This workshop also attempted to provide a platform for student to explore subject-driven artwork, develop sensitivity towards everyday materials and to look the relationship everyday life experience and contemporary art. During the first and second day of the programme, different classes in school was brought down to the exhibition venue and introduction was given by the artists.

Focus were given to two Art & Design classes (form 4 and form 5) where these two classes were given a brief to prepare an object related to the subject of ‘Holiday’. During the workshop, the students were divided in groups and were asked to generate idea based on the objects they were given then create relationships and narratives between the objects. At the end of the workshop, students took turns to present their final outcome and discussions amongst students were encouraged.