Eating Wind selected for VT Open Call

waterfall_eatingwind“The second VT Open Call was organised by VT Artsalon biannually since 2012 with an objective to offer its space to international curatorial team to execute their curatorial project. We started calling for application since the end of 2013, and these applications later on undergone a selection process led by a group of artists and curators. This year we had an overwhelming response amassing 55 applications from 5 different continents across the globe including Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Holland, Russia, Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, Scotland, USA, Canada, Jordan, Iran, South Africa and 24 other nations. 12 applications made it through to the final panel discussion led by Jiang Jiehong (姜節泓) curator of Asia Triennial Manchester, Chu Teh-I (曲德義) director of Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts and renown curator Hu Yung-Fen (胡永芬). Through the panels keen discussions and heated debate, Malaysia’s application [Eating Wind] (curated by Hoo Fan Chon and Chen Yi Chiu) was selected, and second selected application was [Collector 收集者]by a Taiwanese Artist Zheng Xian-Yu. The selected projects will be shown from 21st of June 2014 at VT Artsalon.” (Text translated from

??is an artist-run-space established in March 2006 in Taipei, with an objective is to promote Taiwanese contemporary art, foster public appetite for art appreciation, and cultivate a new generation of young artists. Besides providing an art and culture space for younger artists to create experimental works, VT Artsalon utilizes its VT Network to promote Taiwanese artists in the international art scene and establish long-term partnerships.