Azharr Rudin’s Short Films + Sharing Session

April 5th 2014 (7pm, Saturday)
@ Run Amok Gallery

Run Amok will be organising Azharr Rudin’s short films and sharing session on the 5th of April from 7pm at the back yard of Run Amok Gallery to conclude Rudin’s residency.

The selected short films are:

Dancing Kites (15’ 2004)
A young Malaysian’s accidental search for his long-lost Indonesian grandmother swirls into a kaleidoscopic mini-odyssey.

Majidee (11’ 2005)
Two men meet in transit from Kuala Lumpur’s Puduraya to a train station. Can there be trust between strangers?

Meeting Amber (11’ 2006)
Part of The Amber Sexalogy 61′. A suite of small but perfectly formed stories that serves as an eulogy to love as well as an exploration of public spaces and private moments.

Rumah/Tok (10’ 2013)
A matriarch and a house.

Fractals (40’ 2012 – )
Rudin’s feature-length film project in the making, a work sprung from his previous work VIA (27’, 2013). Just like the characters in VIA, Rudin takes on journey up north to Penang in search of a continuation of an unresolved story through his findings and nuances during his stay in Penang.