Personal Work | Photo Project Workshop

Nov 28th – Dec 3rd 2013
@ Run Amok Gallery

This six-day intensive workshop was conducted by Zhuang Wubin for photographers and artists who wanted to develop photo-based projects. Zhuang Wubin has a versatile background in curating, and is a practicing photographer who has been involved on a research South East Asia photography for a long period of time.

The aim of the workshop was to take participants through the process of developing their chosen project, starting from the conceptualization to the realization and presentation of their work.

The workshop managed to pull participants from different parts of South East Asia (Vietnam, Singapore & both peninsula and East Malaysia). The participants were provided with an intimate learning environment where they worked closely with Zhuang Wubin. Apart from citing from established western photographers and theorists, participants were given insights on regional practitioners, to understand methodologies these photographers employed in engaging the medium and how images are read and disseminated in different cultures.

The workshop was concluded with an internal critique session where participants were involved in a critical group discussion on their respective projects. Then, followed by a open-studio where participants get to display and explain their work to the audience in an informal setting.

A more detailed documentation can be found at Zhuang’s website.

Zhuang Wubin (b. 1978; Singapore) is a writer focusing on the photographic practices of Southeast Asia. A 2010 recipient of the research grant from Prince Claus Fund (Amsterdam), Zhuang is an editorial board member of Trans-Asia Photography Review, a journal published by the Hampshire College and the University of Michigan Scholarly Publication Office.

Selected curatorial work: Re-Connect: Contemporary Photography from Myanmar, Esplanade Singapore, 2013; A Certain Grace: Photography from Bandung, Esplanade Singapore, 2012; Ruptures and Revival: Cambodian Photography in the Last Decade, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, 2012; Southeast Asian section, Photoquai 2011, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris; Notes from the South: New Photography from Southeast Asia, International Orange Photo Festival 2010, Changsha, China.

Recent essays: “Mekong Spring: Cambodian Photography in the Last Decade,” Diaaalogue, March 2012; “Out of Focus: Independent Photography in East Java,” Art Monthly Australia, October 2011; “Burmese Photography and the Issue of Control,” Asian Art, September 2011; “Politics and Identity: Contemporary Photography in Thailand,” Trans-Asia Photography Review, 2011.

As a photographer, Zhuang uses the medium to understand the cultures and histories of the Chinese communities in Southeast Asia. Supported by Lee Foundation, Chinese Muslims in Indonesia (2011) is his third photographic monograph and features essays by historian Dr. Charles Coppel, curator Enin Supriyanto and Yenny Wahid.