Eating Wind Group Show

Dec 21st 2013 – Jan 11th 2014
@ Run Amok Gallery

‘Eating Wind’ is a group show based on the theme of ‘Holiday’. Malaysians have many yet fragmented holidays; our holiday destinations are gradually changing partly due to the shift in our modes of transportation. Some of us may have less road trips and more use of budget airlines.

This group show is also partly informed by the state’s decision in merging the ministry of tourism and culture, followed by their recent initiatives in fusing tourism and culture by introducing Art Tourism.

A group of artists from various disciplines and backgrounds were invited to respond to these stimuli as a point of departure, to either share their personal notion of ‘Holiday’, reflect on holiday as a society’s/consumer’s lifestyle or to consider the repercussions of state’s enterprise in advocating the idea of ‘Cultural’ holiday.

Curated by Hoo Fan Chon.

Participating artists
Annabelle Ng
chi too
Daniel Chong
Darrel Chia
Hoo Fan Chon
Jun Kit
Liew Kwai Fei
Minstrel Kuik
Philip Hemnell
Tan Zi Hao
Tim Craker
Vincent Leong