Ceritakan Seni & Kebudayaan | Talk about Art & Culture | 谈谈艺术与文化

Sept 28th 2013
@ Run Amok Gallery

Final event to conclude Liew Kwai Fei’s Solo Exhibition, giving visitors opportunity to meet with the artist; share his artistic process in producing this show, alongside with cultural practirioners – Tiong Wing Cheong and Kuah Li Feng.

DSCN2314“化番为神/How ‘The Others’ Became the Deities of Worhship for the Chinese” – Tong Wing Cheong.

This talk is aim to explore the enigmatic tendency of Chinese (S.E. Asian) worshipping ‘The Others’ in the case of ‘Na Tuk Kong/拿督公’, and how do they represent ‘The Other’ in their ritualistic practice through icon design, choice of offering and shrine.

* Tong Wing Cheong graduated from Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture, National University of Tainan. Highly intrigued and constantly fascinated by the never-ending new discoveries of Chinese cultures, he dedicates most of his time on exploring and understanding Chinese folk cultures and rituals. He is currently working with Penang Heritage Trust (George Town).

Y42_45_85“How to Visually Render Race Relation” – Kuah Li Feng.

This talk brings you back to the dynamic period of 1948-1960, when Malaya was conceived and born. At that time, many of our forefathers who were migrants to this land, were still segregated by dialect groups and settlement areas. The talk strives to give insights into how images were used by the State to propagate an “imagined new nation” to these dispersed communities from different ethnicities and religions and how racial relationship was negotiated visually to achieve the political agenda of the party in power.

* Li Feng was trained as a graphic designer and visual researcher before involving herself fulltime as a cultural worker. She has been actively involved with NGO Arts-Ed since 2009. She enjoys collecting people’s stories and memories. Her current freelance works includes oral history and cultural mapping. Li Feng has always been passionate about visual culture, especially the process of meaning making and reading behind all things visual.