Whimsy: Musings of an Accidental Artist – Philip Hemnell

November 8 – 29 2015
@ Run Amok Gallery

Eurasian artist Philip Hemnell appropriates familiar cartoon imagery borrowed from western comics and Japanese manga, and melds mediums like painting, stenciling, photography and traditional printmaking into approachable yet arresting art pieces. Born in Ipoh to an English father and Chinese mother, and influenced by both distinct cultures, Hemnell has always been about bridging seemingly opposite realms.

Whimsy – Musings of an Accidental Artist is Philip’s first solo show in Malaysia and included are works on paintings on paper and canvas. The title reflects the artist’s feeling that he somewhat fell into the role of being a real artist after being encouraged to have his first solo show at Galerie Steph in Singapore in 2011 titled Modes of Disclosure.

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