Keep Calm & Watch Youtube

April 20th – May 4th 2013
@ Run Amok Gallery

This show is a response to the climate of pre-election frenzy. ‘Keep Calm and Watch Youtube’ transformed the gallery space into a makeshift panic room, to curb our anxiety and anticipation for change or non-change in the previous general election. It featured a multiple TV screens installation as a response to how the Internet media has taken a different currency in a disseminating information for parties, NGO and individual with different political agendas; a karaoke room where audience could express themselves in this pre-selected list of nationalistic songs propagated by the state; enjoy themselves in ‘Politiko Cards Game’ designed by Mun Kao, a game about wacky scheming and cynical real political scenarios and last but not least, the ‘Make your Own Political Cocktail’ bar, where audience could express their political view through making and sharing their secret cocktail recipe.