FLYING THOUGHTS: A Journey of Miniature Paintings – Lok How Yuan

March 25  -  April 17 2016
@ Run Amok Gallery

Flying-Thoughts-poster-(web)FLYING THOUGHTS: A Journey of Miniature Paintings was an solo exhibition by Lok How Yuan. Born in the 50s, Lok has been working as an academician whilst practising artistic career as a painter. Lok has also worked as a curator, art reviewer and contributed writings for art publications.

This exhibition featured three series of works, the on-going acrylic painting series — Miniature, which he started 15 years ago, the recently developed Shadow & Rhythm, and Castle in the Air.

My series of acrylic paintings, titled “Miniature”, expressed in abstract forms and symbols, are my reflection on the notions of heaven, earth and beings; and my contemplation on the shifts in space-time continuum and the elapse of time. I applied the golden ratio, with contrasting yet complimentary elements to achieve a visual equilibrium within the compositions.

In “Miniature” series, I seek to extend the tradition of manuscript writing manner, partly inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedies, John Milton’s Paradise Lost from the Renaissance period, and the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls. This series of works is a response to these important literary texts and archeological articles, from historical to present, visualised through my imaginations.

Lok How Yuan

Born in Melaka, Malaysia. Lok How Yuan his diploma in Art from the Malaysian Institute of Art, Kuala Lumpur in 1979. He furthered his studies and majored in painting at the San Francisco Art Institute, USA in 1984. He then travelled extensively within the USA, Europe and Asia. His academic background and his travelling experiences have informed his artistic career immensely and he developed special interests particularly in art history and the discourse of the art aesthetics. Thus far, he had held 7 solo art exhibitions with a special focus in ink and acrylic paintings; he had also participated in multiple group exhibitions since 1980.

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