George Town Festival 2014

August 9th 2014 – August 31st 2014
@ Run Amok Gallery

fallintothesea_poster_4Run Amok will be taking part in George Town Festival 2014 under the visual art programme. A group of nine artists were invited to respond to the notion of ‘island’ and fabricate work based on their personal association with island, socio-historical readings, critique of island politics or the archetypal image of an ‘tropical island’ or their preferred trajectories to engage through video, painting, sculpture, photography and installation work.

Andrew Rewald
Andrew Rewald is a Melbourne based artist who graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Griffith University Brisbane, and in 2011 with a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Tasmania. His practice explores the effects of global foodways on the ritual practices of eating together, through community engagement/collaboration projects. His projects culminate in performance events that comment on the relationships between residents in specific locations, food habits, industries, and signs of consumer lifestyle. The performances are interactive; bringing people together for a shared meal, that activates both the art audience and community members as part of the work.

Anthony Pelchen
Anthony Pelchen is an artist based in the Wimmera River in NW Victoria, Australia. For a decade lived and worked in Melbourne – exhibiting widely in artist-run, institutional and alternative spaces.

He has been the recipient of International Cultural Exchange grants (Japan, Denmark), residencies including Rimbun Dahan – Malaysia and Bundanon Trust – Australia. From 2009-12 he annually presented work at the Melaka Art & Performance Festival, also initiating and curating its new visual arts program. His work is held by the National Gallery of Victoria and included in other public and private collections in Australia and abroad.

Azharr Rudin
Azharr Rudin is based in Malaysia and works primarily but not exclusively through cinema/films. Some of his works include Majidee, Punggok Rindukan Bulan (This Longing), Tukang Perahu Pulau Duyong (The Boatbuilders of Mermaid Island) and rumah/tok (house/grandparent) and Baca… sebelum minum.

Recurring themes explored in his films span across people and places in transition and marginal stories and perspectives.

chi too
chi too broke up with film making to pursue a fine art practice using humour, satire and visual poetics, creating a diverse system of objects that include videos, installations, performances, sculptures, and photography to reveal his own never ending emotional struggles and personal reflections.

His experimental music, performances and playful self-organised public art projects such as Main Dengan Rakyat, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright and Lepark display a genuine need to engage with space and audiences that form part of his complex multifaceted approach to practice. Since then, as a self-taught artist outsider, he has been developing his fine art practice and has participated in various exhibitions and performance events in Malaysia and abroad.

Liew Kwai Fei
Born in 1979 and brought up in a working class Chinese family Liew Kwai Fei graduated with a diploma in Chinese ink painting. Liew speaks well in broken Mandarin, broken Cantonese, broken Malay and broken English. He like cold joke and hot coffee.

Minstrel Kuik
Minstrel Kuik was born in Pantai Remis in 1976. She has a bachelor degree in painting from Taiwan and a master degree in photography from France. Apart from Malaysia, she has exhibited in Indonesia, Korea, Japan (Higashikawa International Photo Festival), Ireland, France (Photoquai 2011) and the United States (Houston FotoFest International Discoveries 2009).

Munkao was born in Kuala Lumpur in 1982. He is a visual artist and game maker. His interest stems from how we create narratives within cultural knowledge systems. Some of his most sustained engagements include his on-going collaboration with Feng Shui expert Master Chang. He has also made Politiko, a card game where players try to outmanoeuvre each other in the vagaries of Malaysian politics.

Munkao is the co founder of Centre for Artful and Useful Recreation (Centaur), a research initiative that develops educational apparati based on ludic principles.

Vincent Leong & Martin Constable
Vincent Leong, born in 1979 in Kuala Lumpur, studied art in Kuala Lumpur and London. He has exhibited in South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong. His work often references the socio-political ties and complexities of Malaysia.

Martin Constable is a Singapore-based artist and lecturer at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Having studied and taught in UK, he is fascinated by the way art and technology interact and complement each other.