Do You Zine

November 26  -  December 4 2016
@ Run Amok Gallery

‘Do You Zine’ was a zine exhibition – produced by Run Amok Gallery as part of the In-Between Arts Festival 2016 (IbAF) organised by Hin Bus Depot Art Centre, from 26 November to 4 December 2016. We featured an eclectic range of art and culture themed zines, artist books and activism zines, focusing on visual cultures, socio-political issues and art discourses.

There is an appealing factor to the physical form of a printed material especially when it comes to zines; for its personalised content, tactility, transportability and affordability. These self-published works are commonly found at underground music performing venues, indie music label stores, art markets, independent bookstores, alternative art spaces, or cafes and NGO events. They are usually made for small-circulation to keep the production costs low. Due to its mode of production and partly inspired by the DIY culture, it is often put together manually and distributed by the zine maker him/herself. Some local zine makers may prefer analogous processes such as handwritten text, collaging and photocopying technology although many are influenced by the accessibility to digital printing technology (inkjet, laser printer); image editing and word-processing software. Others, might opt for offset printing or explore different bookbinding and printing techniques.

Zine making has been an intrinsic part of punk rock subcultures. It was used as a disseminating tool for ideological agendas and newsletter to inform about local punk rock scenes. However in today’s context, is not quintessentially a punk rock subculture, the practice of zine making has been extended and adopted by many other art and cultural practitioners. The proliferation of art and cultural events has provided an alternative platform for zine makers to showcase their works apart from their online presence on social media. Sometimes, zines are also used as exchange currency amongst practitioners, or given out as gifts. Despite its limited circulation, some zine makers share their content online, allowing their readers to download and print.

For some, zine making is a culture which exercises freedom of expression, for voices that are deemed to be too sensitive or controversial for mainstream release; a way to celebrate individuality, allowing raw and unfiltered individual voices to be heard and as an alternative to knowledge distribution system.

The lineup includes:

Arina Amin
Aisyah Rais
Alex Lee
Biawak Gemok
chi too
Engku Iman
Fikrk Acak
Jun Kit
Marisa Repin
Poodien Free Spirit
Tshiung HanSee
Run Amok
Ridhwan Saidi
Student in Resistance
Shieko Reto
Sharon Chin
Minstrel Kuik
Otak Zuber
Hasanul Isyraf Idris
Raksasa Print Studio
Kedai Saharil
Dhiyanah Hassan

And others.

Exhibition stills